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House Warming Celebrations

Katraaneel Kitchens is the leading House Warming Catering Service in Noida. We offer incomparable menus and services in traditional taste and style and presentation. We plan within your budget and size and ensure to deliver divine menus on your specific occasions.

At Katraaneel Kitchens, we pay attention to every detail to host family get-togethers and many other family functions. Our tailor-made catering services pertain to the specific requisites of Vegetarian lovers.

Since we firmly believe in providing client centric service, our service will surely accomplish complete satisfaction from our clients.

Most of our dishes may contain nuts, dairy products or glutens. If you suffer from an allergy, please enquire when ordering for full details. In order to continually maintain and improve our standards we are here to deal with any comments, queries or problems with either a meal you had or with the general service we provide.